Family Friendly Programs & Helps
Family Research Council   Advancing Faith, Family and Freedom
Focus on the Family   Family friendly content
Liberty Counsel   Restoring our culture 
Dr. James Dobson   Today's family talk
Christian Parenting   Marriage & parental helps
Dave Ramsey   How to get out of debt
Randy Carlson   Intentional Living
Gary Chapman   Marriage and family life
Family & Marriage Resources
Dr. Kevin Leman   Marriage and parenting books
Gary Smalley   Books on marriage 
Dr. Wayne Mack   Marriage and family
Peacemaker Ministries   Family & church peacemaking
Christian Colleges & Universities
Liberty University    Lynchburg, VA
Cedarville University    Cedarville, OH
Cornerstone University   Grand Rapids, MI
Taylor University   Upland, IN
Baptist University   Springfield, MO
Tennessee Temple University   Chattanooga, TN
Bob Jones University   Greenville, SC